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Corrossion and High Pressure Resistance Low Weight CPVC Pipe

Corrossion and High Pressure Resistance Low Weight CPVC Pipe

High Pressure CPVC Pipe,Corrission Resistance CPVC Pipe

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Corrossion And High Pressure Resistance Low Weight CPVC Pipe 1

CPVC Electric Power Tube

Application Range:

Widely used in power grid construction and remold of city; Municipal remold engineer; 

Civil aviation airport construction.

Corrission Resistance CPVC Pipe Product Features:

1.Material Property:

CPVC power tube with heat resistance, insulation performance of PVC resin - C as main materials,

 CPVC products is currently recognized green environmental protection products, its excellent 

physical and chemical properties are increasingly brought to the attention of the industry.CPVC 

power tube is hard solid wall pipe, inner and outer wall smooth land flat the colors are orange,

 color bright, eye-catching.

2. heat-resisting performance

CPVC power tube is ordinary UPVC double-wall corrugated pipe improved heat temperature 15 ℃, 

can be under the environment of above 93 ℃, keep not deformation, and has enough strength.

3. insulation performance

CPVC power tube can withstand the high pressure of more than 30000 volts.

4. the compressive properties

CPVC power tube through material modification, the product reaches 1 ring stiffness okpa, 

significantly higher than the relevant state departments for buried plastic pipe, the ring stiffness 

Product Parameters:


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