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High-Temperature High Pressure Resistance Oxygen Barrier Cold and Hot Water FiberGlass PP-R Pipe

High-Temperature High Pressure Resistance Oxygen Barrier Cold and Hot Water FiberGlass PP-R Pipe

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High-Temperature High Pressure Resistance Oxygen Barrier Cold And Hot Water FiberGlass PP-R Pipe

Concept of anti bacteria&Principle of anti bacteria
Anti bacterial differ with traditional sterilization, Sterilization is kill all of the microorganism, but anti bacterial is to reduce volume of the microorganism and keep a safety level in a long time, This conforms to the coexistence principle from the view of ecological balance, beneficial to human body. ShuanTe anti bacterial pipe is a high tech pipe let growth of some microorganism(bacteria) keep in an necessary beneath level. Under the damping condition, Layer of antibacterial of inner wall of ShuanTe antibacterial pipe, IONPURE slowly release little silver ion. As the surface of bacteria with negative charge, so the silver ion with positive charge are absorbed the surface of bacteria, and then break up its balance of electrolyte, cause death by damage of cell of bacteria. Another view, Silver ion enter into the inner of bacteria and reaction and combination with cell enzyme, restraint activeness of bacteria and breed and reborn and achieve the effect of sterilization.
Product Feature:

1.Strong effect of anti bacteria, bacteria restraint, effect long lasting.
2.Hot resistance, pressure resistance.
3.Thermal reservation, energy saving.
4.Large flow.
5.Low weight
6.Never leakage
7.Inner pipe self cleaning, healthy and non toxic.
8.Corrosion resistance and non scaling
9.Healthy and environmental
10.Low noise
11.Easy Installation.
12.Low service life

Application industry:
1.Water supply system of civil building.
2.Pipeline of air conditioner.
3.Industrial water system of pure water, beverage and milk products.
4.Chemical, petroleum, and pipeline of conveying of single corrosion liquid.
5.Facility of solar energy of pipeline.
6.Factory air compressor pipeline.
7.Open installation pipe.


Oxygen Barrier Glass Fiber PP-R Pipe:


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