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Cheap Price China Supplier PVC Pipe Fittings

Cheap Price China Supplier PVC Pipe Fittings

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Cheap Price China Supplier PVC Pipe Fittings


The production of PVC, PP-R, PE Pipe Fittings of Shandong Dazheng New Material Technology Co.,Ltd adopts the highest classiific material of PPR which is public recognized by professionals in the industry, Its good characteristics, entrenched Tianhui pipe material the highest quality position in the market. Among standard type PP-R pipe fittings takes super nickles plating H62 copper embedded fittings as material, Via professional designer of R&D section of the company, besides with the advantages of low weight, anti corrosion, non scaling compare with plain plastic pipe, Ornaments of surface of pipe more concise and beauty, make up the flecks of plain PP-R fittings with single, coarse and designs. The pipes also have characteristic of cleaning and healthy, good heating resistance, long service life. And with low heat conductivity coefficient, heat reservation, easy installation, Down to earth it's the green environmental protection building materials.

Product Features:

1.Healthy, non toxic, the products belongs to the green building materials, can be applied to pipeline of pure water, drinking water.
2.Corrosion resistance, non scaling; can avoid the trouble of stuffing after pipe scaling and rusty yellow spot of basin and bathtub.
3.The coefficient of thermal conductivity only is one two hundred of metal pipe, the effect of thermal conservation applied to heat water pipe very good.
4.Quantity proportion only 1/7 of metal pipe
5.Good outline, smooth inner and outside wall, small fluid resistance, mild color lusty, beautiful molding.
6.Easy installation can adopt fusion connection, non need mantle fiber, couple of seconds can accomplish one joint, adopt super quality copper embed fittings with metal pipe and water knockout drum. Safety and reliable.
7.Long service life, pipeline in normal use can reach 50 years above.
8.High precision automatic injection equipment, perfected management, Skilled workers which reduce the cost of our products.
9.Excellent high-precision moulds make beautiful and flat surface of fittings.
10.Inspection system, have strict testing procedure. All the products been strictly tested before entering warehouse.
11.Products exported most countries and region of the world.

Application Industry

Residence cold and hot water pipeline.

Industrial use water, conveying and drain of chemical agents.

Pure water, drinking pipe

Production conveying system of beverage and drug.

Air compressor use pipe

Other industry, agricultural pipe.

Parameters of PVC Fittings:



CE, ROHS, FDA, ASTM, ISO9001, 1SO14001 certified. We guarantee provide the qualified products with our customers.

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