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Impact Resistance Stress Crack Resistance Non Scaling Healthy Drinking Water Healthy PE Pipe

Impact Resistance Stress Crack Resistance Non Scaling Healthy Drinking Water Healthy PE Pipe

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Product Details

Product Feature of PE-RT heating pipe:

A.Good heat stability and long time pressure resistance.
B.PE-RT heating pipe with good homogeneity, stable characteristic, good anti deformation, application for heating, hot water system, can guarantee 50 years.
C.Excellent impact resistance, reliable and safety.
D.Embrittlement temperature reaches -70℃,can transport construct at low temperature, the anti impact ability from outside much higher than other pipe. Avoid destruct of system caused by coarse construction.
E.Best tensile, easy bend, stress break protection, easy construct.
F.PE-RT heating pipe convenient to bend, easy construct. Bend diameter is small(R minimum=5D), no elapsed after bend, the stress of bending part can be loose fastly, avoid the breakup at bending place caused by stress concentrate during use. It no need to preheat at low temperature, convenient construct, easy maintainance, high cost performance.
G. Easy repair with heat melting, easy install, maintain convenient, high cost performance.

Applicable industry:

A.Ground heating system, it suitable for home living room, rest room and public bathroom, swimming pool, kindergarten, nursery, nursing home. Heating use Etc. It can suitable for other special necessary.
B.Construction cool and hot water supply, drink system of pipeline.
C.The liquid conveying pipeline of beverage, win and milk in food industry.


Parameters of PE Pipe:


CE, ROHS, FDA, ASTM, ISO9001, 1SO14001 certified. We guarantee provide the qualified products with our customers.


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