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PVC Pipe Development History
- Jan 12, 2017 -

PVC extrusion products through import and high-speed development period, from the time point of view, you can define in the 1980 of the 20th century-mid-90 and 1995-2002. After 2003, the PVC profile industry entered a period of transition. Product import: producers are generally low cost, simplify the profile section, a lot of fill calcium carbonate in formula, which lead to low performance, many quality problems occur that affect the product's promotion.

In 1995, a number of enterprises started technical essence of digestion and absorption of foreign European profile, developed their own doors and Windows series, become the leading domestic plastic doors and Windows, and promote the technical and development, so that the whole industry has been developing at an unprecedented rate and high economic growth. After moving to product maturity, that is since 2003, many drawbacks begin to reflect, too much high profit margins led to blind investment, the industry's consolidated capacity of nearly 3 million tons, much higher than the market demand; many new investors starting from product innovation, technological innovation, but a simple imitation, even Jerry, fake, competition in the market is in a healthy state. Raw material prices continued to rise, adding to this healthy competition, so that part of the business is in trouble, appeared shut down or running at half capacity.