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PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe for Drainage
- May 18, 2018 -

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe for Drainage Product Detail

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe for Drainage.jpg

  • Material:HDPE

  • Dn:200-800mm

  • Ring Stiffness:Sn4 and Sn8

  • National Standard:GB/T 19472.1--2004

  • International Standard:Pren13476-1: 2001

  • Trademark:Dazheng

  • Origin: Shandong China

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe for Drainage Product Description

PE double wall corrugated pipes (double-layer twisted pipes) are one mould profile two layer extrudings. Applies to rain water drainage, sewage drainage in residential district, or pollutant and exhaust gas discharge as well as sewage drainage for mine industry, or organic pollutants drainage from people's life, agricultural drainage, low pressure irrigation and coalmine ventilation.

PE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe for Drainage Product properties:
1. As light as 1/33 of the concrete tube with same caliber and 1/22 of steel pipe
2. Superior in intensity and rigidity and has good anti-abrasion and great capacity of wastewater and waste residue transport
3. Good impact-resistant performance, anti-shock, good toughness, easy to recover if deformed
4. Chemical resistance, free from erosion of acid, alkali or oil, against scaling, rust and erosion. 5. Convenient for installation, low constructional cost
6. Small flow resistance due to smooth inner wall, long service life
7. Made of nontoxic material, can be reutilized, green product for environmental protection.