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PE Steel Bellows
- May 20, 2017 -

PE Steel Bellows Product Detail

PE Steel Bellows.jpg

Product Overview  of PE STEEL BELLOWS
PE steel bellows take high density PE as matrix, With steel bellows modeling painted stick resin at surface as the waveform for supporting structure., Coil-compounding with PE materials to integrity of double wall spiral bellows. The production materials of pipe should give priority to PE resin, among only add necessary additive for improve the property, the content of PE should be above 90%.

Product Feature of PE STEEL BELLOWS:
1.Chemical resistance: No polluted and no corroded by waste water and drug, no corroded by putrescible in soil.
2.Anti impact: The wall of pipe adopt "U" structure, anti impact, pressure resistance, no breakup if earth base sink, strong recovering after deformation, with good adaptability earth base.
3.Anti aging: Pipe is black commonly, can bear the straight sunburn at storage and construction.
4.Anti cold: Pipe can't breakup at cold of -60oC and inflation and leakage.
5.Lighter weight: Convenient transport and construction, weight is the 1/8 of concrete pipe, pipe bury only need navvy, no need large scale equipment.
6.PE STEEL BELLOWS easy joint: Pipe can connect at outside of ditch, push into ditch by navvy, lessen engineering time and cost.
7.PE STEEL BELLOWS good friction resistance: Higher friction resistance than steel pipe and concrete pipe, the transportation capability is strong for gob of water of life.
8.Water discharge is excellent: Inner wall smooth, decrease friction, faster water discharge.
9.Economy: Low cost of construction, management and maintainance.
10.PE STEEL BELLOWS environmental influence: HDPE is non toxic material, no harmful for soil environment, and can renew and reuse.
11.Good stable pipeline system: The molded round shape of pipe no matter enhance the tensile of ring meanwhile with root resistance function, solved the tight pull and push of well by the longitude shifting.
Application industry of PE STEEL BELLOWS
1.PE STEEL BELLOWS of Municipal engineering: Water discharge of underground, pollution discharge.
2.Road engineering: Leakage and water discharge of pipe at railway, highway.
3.Industry: Pollution discharge widely used in industrial field.
4.Construction engineering: Building rain pipe, underground water discharge pipe, pollution discharge pipe, ventilate pipe.
5.The polluted water collection at rubbish bury plant.
6.Large port, dock: Water and pollution discharge of large scale airport, port, dock engineering.
7.Athletic field: Golf course, football field etc water discharge and leakage of sport fields.
8.PE STEEL BELLOWS of water conservancy engineering:
9.Source water, irrigation pipe and usage of water convey and discharge at hydropower station
10.Mining field: Mining ventilate, wind blowing-in, water discharge, muddy pipe.
11.Telecommunication pipe: Railway, highway, protection pipe of electric cable and optical cable.
12.PE STEEL BELLOWS forWater reservation system : Intercept slow water and water reservation system.
13.Agriculture engineering: Farm, orchard, tea garden and forest belt irrigation.