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HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe
- Jan 23, 2018 -

Product Detail

1. Economic: with low cost than other same specifications plastic pipes, light weight, transportation, construction, management and maintenance of provinces expenses is convenient, large diameter, ring high stiffness.

2. Excellent corrosion resistance: Won't be sewage and waste water and chemical corrosion and won't be soil rot in material and corrosion, also won't be plant root destruction.
3. Ageing resistance: Pipe is commonly black and can withstand piled up and construction process fo sunlight straight bask in.
4. Wear-resisting superior performance: Than steel tube, iron pipes, cement tube wear resistance.
5. Drain liquidity superior: Tube wall flow resistance small, drainage speed, the post-coiling water ability strong, large flow.
6. Each layer of the compound is in plastic melt condition and winding melt completely different. So every layer agglutinant composite fastness is very reliable.
7. Tubing can use hot melt welding, heat shrinkable belt connected and so on May kinds of connection modes, adapt to different pipe lines system demand, convenient and reliable.

HDPE Double Wall Corrugated Pipe.jpg
1. Civil engineering
2. Agricultural irrigation
3. Conveying system for sewage plant
4. Pre buried piping under highway
5. Ventilation piping for chemical industry and mine
6. Power telecommunication cable conduit