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Electric Power CPVC Pipe High Strength, Good Flexibility, High Temperature Resistance
- Oct 10, 2017 -

CPVC Power cable Protection tube is a new type of buried high voltage power cable protection tube, which is made of resin as masterbatch, adding anti granules, stabilizing agent, etc. by high speed extrusion. The product has high strength, flexibility, high temperature, corrosion resistance, flame retardant, good insulation performance, pollution-free, not easy to aging, light quality, construction convenience and other characteristics, its performance indicators by national, provincial testing, identification and certification, have reached or exceeded the domestic level of similar products. The product performance is superior to the traditional asbestos cable tube and ordinary PVC pipe, and it is an ideal substitute for traditional power cable sheath.

With the rapid development of the national economy, power cables have moved from overhead to burial ground. Qualcomm Company for the application of market needs, the introduction of foreign new technology and National Electric Power Company product quality standards jointly developed a CPVC power cable protection pipe, CPVC power pipe is a CPVC resin as masterbatch, adding resistance to granules, stabilizers and other accessories by high-speed extrusion of new buried high-voltage power cable protection tube. And according to different application environment is divided into PVC high-voltage cable protection pipe, PVC general cable protection pipe, and has been in the national power Company for a lot of goods.

Electric Power CPVC Pipe has high strength, flexibility, high temperature resistance, high pressure, corrosion-resistant, flame-retardant, good insulation performance, non-polluting, not easy to aging, light and so on; CPVC electric power pipe with the expansion of the socket, in the construction of the external side of the pipe without the use of other materials to strengthen, and piecemeal construction, saving labor, convenient construction, fast. CPVC buried power cable protection pipe will be the inevitable trend of development in the future.

1, choose the regular Electric Power CPVC Pipe manufacturer

If you want to choose a good Electric Power CPVC Pipe, the most critical point is to choose a regular Electric Power CPVC Pipe manufacturer or company. A good Electric Power CPVC Pipe manufacturers or companies produced by the quality of products are passed, and it will consider the feelings of consumers, whether in quality or price will be our best choice.

2. Observe the appearance of CPVC electric pipe conduit

The inner and outer wall of the Electric Power CPVC Pipe is smooth, no obvious bubbles, cracks and color are not equal, and the inner and outer surfaces have no convex edges and similar defects, the edge of the nozzle is smooth, the insulating layer of the wires and cables is not damaged; Conversely, the quality is poor.

3. Comparison of electrical and mechanical properties and combustion properties of Electric Power CPVC Pipes

Including compressive capacity, resistance: in-strike ability, bending ability, bending ability, heat resistance, electrical insulation performance and oxygen index, horizontal combustion performance, flue gas density grade. Generally speaking, the thinner the tube wall, the worse the mechanical performance, the better the combustion performance (the more flame retardant and smoke-suppressing agent added), the worse the mechanical property, the more brittle, cracked and broken phenomenon. Users in the purchase can be based on the use of different burning performance requirements to choose the electrical mechanical properties of a good line tube.

4. Observe the signs and labels of CPVC electric power pipe

The manufacturer's name, trademark or other identification of each batch of products shall be indicated, type, outside diameter, length of tubing, standard number of performance, etc. If these markings are not available on the CPVC conduit, it is a counterfeit product and cannot be used firmly.

5. To select CPVC Electric power pipe products conforming to national standards or industry standard

In general, the labeling of the CPVC electric conduit should indicate the standard of implementation of the product. At present, the standard of fire-retardant line pipe is the Ministry of Public Security Industry standard GA305-2001, Ministry of Construction Standard jg3050-1998 and Sichuan Provincial local standard db51/168-93 and some enterprise standards. If the Ministry of Public Security standards for the best quality of the catheter, in line with the standard products in particular in the fire safety of the most reliable, the implementation of the Ministry of Construction Standards of catheter quality second, the implementation of local standards and enterprise standards of the quality of the catheter. Ordinary home users to install the selection of flame-retardant pipe as long as the Ministry of Construction standards can be achieved. If is the construction area uses the line tube, must achieve the Ministry of Public Security Industry standard. In addition, the CPVC power pipe as a fire-retardant building materials products used in the building or site with fireproof requirements, should also meet the national standard $literal "Building materials Combustion Performance Classification method" in the corresponding fire level requirements.

6. Check the effective inspection report of CPVC Electric power pipe manufacturer in the past year

National Fire Protection Building Materials quality Supervision and inspection center and Sichuan Province Fire protection and safety technical protection product quality Supervision and inspection station is a national statutory inspection institutions, users can through the Internet or telephone inquiries report authenticity and validity.

7, the purchase of high quality reputation of the enterprise production of CPVC power pipe Products