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PVC, PE status quo
- Jan 12, 2017 -

From the early 80 's of the last century, vigorous application of UPVC pipe and has formulated a series of policies, systems, standards, and have accumulated a lot of experience. Development today, already has a complete set of product standards, testing methods and testing methods, specifications for construction works, etc, and harmonization of product specifications and quality indicators, realize the interchangeability of the product. This shows that PVC pipe has entered a mature stage of development, product quality and quality are guaranteed, so as to ensure the use of PVC water supply pipe.

International standards for PE pipes for water supply (ISO4427) was not released until 1996. In 1999, ISO4427 was prepared in China national standard GB/T13663, and released in 2000 the implementation, but PE pipe fittings standard, engineering technical specifications has continued to improve. It means quality domestic PE pipe is not stable, pipe fittings package is not perfect, thus unable to ensure quality in production and construction.